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Details of the person

Choose your group according to your abilities.

The teaching always continue in improving your present skills and than you can continue in advanced categories.

  • Beginners
  • Middle beginners - a  snowplough and a  middle curve in a basic performance
  • Advanced - middle curve
    - a basic carving curve
    - a short curve
    - demo rides
  • VIP for demanding clients - a  racing carving curve
    - improving of styles
  • Friends-family -programme for friends and family without ability difference
  • Video-programme- for all categories
  • Beginners
  • Middle beginners - a basic performance of skidding curves
  • Advanced - and cutting curves
    - principles of jumpes
  • Snowpark -jumps, spins and freeride
  • Friends-family -programme for friends and family without ability differenceVideo-programme- for all categories
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