Snowkite school in Rokytnice nad Jizerou

SNOWKITING – a ride on skies or snowboard with a kite.

There are perfect slopes and open crab-trees with fair wind in the Giant Mountains. This sport opens new possibilities of unlimited motion is space for advanced skiers. Snowkiting is a modern, booming sport for all age groups but children must be 12 years old
at least. The teaching programme was prepared with cooperation of IKO, which ensure an international standard in teaching and certifications of instructors worldwide. Our skilled instructors with international licences are the guarantee for safe lessons.
All clients get IKO card after passing various programmes and it this card are written your levels of snowkiting. This IKO card can be used in all IKO centres around the world.


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a lot of fun and pleasant sport advantures.

1 day course

You will learn how to manage with different small training kites. Carry and Set-up lines and kites. Determine the wind direction and upwind and downwind. We introduce you also to the safety system within snowkiting. You will learn how to start and to lend. By the end of this program, you will be ready to begin moving on your board or skis. During theoretic lessons you will learn how to recognize the right kite for you. The target of BASIC laevel is an universal preparing for all kinds of powerkiting and safe control over kites. You will get IKO Snowkiter card level 1. BASIC Snowkiting

BASIC snowkiting 5 hours
Groups 4 and more persons 1890
Groups 3 persons 2690
Groups 2 persons 3560
Prices are calculated in CZK per a person and per a day.

On the basis of the finishing the BASIC programme we rent kites for training. The price is 480,- CZK/day.

ADVANCED snowkiting – Level 2

During the course, you will improve your kiting skills, experience more power, learn how to use your harness and kite de-power systems, as well as learning how to assess your location and about the weather effects you need to be aware of when snowkiting. You discover the power of kites. You will learn to ride away and come back at starting point and next improving elemnts f.e. the ride with one hand or free ride in air. The programme ADVANCED - your kite flying skills will be improved and you will learn how to control your direction and power. Your skills will be written to your IKO Snowkiter Card.ADVANCED Snowkiting

ADVANCED snowkiting
6 hours
Groups 4 and more persons 2690
Groups 3 persons 3560
Groups 2 persons 5390
Prices are calculated in CZK per a person and per a day.

MASTER snowkiting – Level 3

This is for all who has many kilometers in your hands and legs and your ride with kite is a little boring. Ride in both directions (downwind). Edge on the heel and toe side to change the course. Accelerate by edging down and moving the kite. You will be able to fly more powerful kites and under the right conditions you will learn how to jump! You will get an access to advanced IKO programmes under leasing the best world racers. During this course you will enjoy the right freedom of motion and space.MISTER snowkiting

MASTER snowkiting
6 hours
Groups 4 and more persons 2690
Groups 3 persons 3560
Groups 2 persons 5390
Prices are calculated in CZK per a person and per a day.


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